About Us

TWS Publications is one of Pakistan's leading publishing houses. Our aim is to promote and facilitate writers so that they can portray their talent. We provide a platform to the writers which gives them the space to grow and allows them to excel in their writing career, irrespective of how extensive their reach/audience is or how many sales their book might bring us. A majority of the country's publishing houses are prejudiced against young authors who want to publish their work, and do not often give them a chance. TWS Publications takes this into account and provides an equal and fair opportunity to all writers.

TWS Publications was founded in 2021 with the aim of providing a convenient option to writers who dreamt of publishing their work but were always put down due to rejections from traditional publishers or due to not getting the quality services that they paid for. We assist writers in developing or improving their writing skills, for we believe that authoring a book requires immense support and guidance from professionals without which the writer's full potential might not be actualised.

We provide not just self-publishing services and Print-on-Demand (POD), but also editorial services, cover designing, printing, marketing and sales distribution. Our quality services have earned us the trust of writers all across the country that have not only published their works through us but have also gained valuable insights and guidance that has aided them in their writing career.