Publishing Process

Book Publishing 

Publishing a book has never been easier! Now that you have completed your manuscript, leave the rest to us. Here is how you start the publishing process at TWS Publications:

Author Registration

The first step is to fill out the Author Registration Form that is accessible on this website. This gives us important information regarding the author and the book they wish to publish. Once the form is filled, our representative will reach out to you with all the further details.

Manuscript Submission

The second step is to submit your manuscript draft. Our team will review it in the course of one to two weeks and if everything is fine (that is, if nothing needs to be updated or improved in the manuscript), we will proceed further.

Editorial Services

TWS Publications provides a complete set of editorial services including proofreading, editing, formatting, layout design, illustrations and cover designing et cetera. If you need our help with these, our team will gladly assist you. If you have edited your manuscript and designed a cover already, that is perfectly fine as well.

Printing Models

While our team reviews your manuscript, you may decide the printing model that you would like to choose. You can choose from Print-on-Demand (POD) model or Bulk Buying model. Under the Bulk Buying model, you can publish your book with 200-500 copies, even more. On the other hand, under the POD model, you can get your book published even with 30 copies, which is the minimum number of copies.

Publishing Agreement

Once the manuscript is reviewed and you have chosen a printing model, we will share the Book Publishing Agreement with you which will need to be signed by both the parties.

Printing Process

Once the Publishing Agreement has been signed, our printing department starts the printing of the copies. The printing process may take two to three weeks, however, printing on an urgent basis is also offered with additional charges.

Selling and Marketing

When the printing process nears its end, your book will go live on our website through which customers can place their pre-orders for the book. TWS Publications also helps the author to market the book through our online social media channels to generate traffic and reach more audience.