About Our Anthologies

An anthology is a collection of the literary works of several co-authors and is a great way of familiarizing yourself with the entire publishing process. If you do not have enough content yet to publish a solo book, or if you want to gain valuable insights into how a book is published, then our monthly anthologies are for you.

The Process

Each month, we announce a new anthology project after which interested writers send in their sample submissions. Once the submissions end, we select twenty to twenty five writers out of all those that have submitted a sample to be a part of the anthology, and we add them in TWS Publications' official group on WhatsApp. The schedule, in-depth insights regarding publishing, all guidelines and further details are then shared in the group. After the registrations and the payments process is completed, co-authors edit and finalize their pieces and we prepare the final manuscript. The book is then sent for printing, and author copies along with certificates are sent to all the co-authors.
All of the co-authors of our projects are introduced on all our social media handles to give them the recognition that they deserve, and they have complete rights over their works. Moreover, our team helps the co-authors in enhancing their writing and editing skills as well, by guiding them throughout the proofreading and publishing process. They gain a good understanding as to how the literary world works, and how to make the best out of their writing talent. Our anthologies not only give writers the chance to publish their work but also provide a friendly environment and a community in which long-lasting friendships are established and all the writers collectively grow and learn. Our anthologies continue to attract writers from all over the country who are looking for publishing opportunities that these anthologies provide, and many co-authors continue to work on new projects that we announce every month.

Become A Co-author in Our Anthologies

If you're interested in taking part in our anthologies, please submit 1-2 samples of your writings at along with your full name, age and contact number. The sample can be any literary piece that you have written; a poem, an article, or a short story, and can belong to any genre. Make sure to include all your samples in a single word document along with your full name, age and contact number.

Once our team goes through your submission, we will inform you as to whether you are selected or not, and if you are, you'll be allotted a slot in one of our upcoming anthologies.