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Eman Shah

From Ashes To Stardust

From Ashes To Stardust

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Published May, 2024
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Total Pages 110
Language English
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper

About The Book

This collection of poetry and prose dives into the journey of love and loss. It shares personal stories and observations, exploring a range of emotions from the happiness of falling in love to the sadness of saying goodbye. It also touches on the pain of unrequited love, adding a bittersweet layer to the passionate moments and heartfelt sorrows described in these pages. Each verse invites readers to feel both the joy and the heartache that come with love and loss, showing the beauty found within our deepest feelings.

Each page resonates with the ache of shattered dreams and the hollow emptiness that follows when love's promises remain unfulfilled. It's a journey through sacred tears and sacred places, where the echoes of our deepest sorrows mingle with the echoes of our most fervent desires. And yet, through it all, there is a glimmer of hope, a flicker of light amidst the darkness, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, love still has the power to heal and to illuminate our path forward.

About The Author

I, Eman Shah, am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature. I believe humans can't endure pain within themselves for a long time; they need to express it or release it in some sort of way. Some choose to express it by telling someone about it, and some choose a better way and write about it. For me, writing is the most pleasurable way to express the feelings, the grief, the pain, the excitement, the beauty, the love, the hopelessness, and the hate inside of me. I chose to write about whatever I feel when I was quite young. I'm still just 20 years old, but my heart held so much more than my age. I was always a quiet person; I never talked a lot about what I felt, even though I wanted to. I always wanted to be heard, to be loved, to be understood, but I was unable to express what I ever felt. I was a girl who observed a lot and who felt a lot, perhaps more than people of my age. That was the reason I was unexplainable my whole life. But then I found a way out; I wrote everything I've seen, observed, felt, and experienced and created this book, which you're seeing right now.

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