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Rameesha Siddiqui

One In A Million Is Still A Chance

One In A Million Is Still A Chance

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Published May, 2024
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Total Pages 430
Language English
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Paper Quality Imported White Color Book Paper

About The Book

t’s mid of June, exams are over, applications are due, and the old neighbour is back. So is her crush on him. Ambition to get closer to her childhood best friend and to secure a place in her desired university drives Amal to explore the city of Karachi with her New York man. They find an intriguing piece and chase that story.

What they stumble upon changes everything.

One In A Million Is Still A Chance is a story about transitioning from a phase where everything seems perfect to a phase where not everything has to be perfect. It's nostalgic, relatable, and a heartfelt letter to what we used to be.

About The Author

Rameesha Tahseen Siddiqui is a published author—finally, after years of contemplation and eternal support of friends and family. She is a true-blood Karachiite, with an immense love for the city and its people, a nostalgic by heart, and an old-soul. She loves and loves, and thinks of the world as a good place—what an utter fool!

When she is not reading or writing, she is either sipping cold coffee that is too bitter for an average person, or busy curating gift boxes, flowers, and charcuterie boards. A businesswoman, reader, and now a published author—what should she do next?

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