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Aamna Umer

The Dance of The Storm

The Dance of The Storm

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Published October, 2022
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Total Pages 210
Language English
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper

About The Book

A book I bled and shed on, my heart laid out on stark white paper. My pain, love, and happiness, everything I learned stitched together with silk and pearls, shown to you as poetry. This is a part of me you hold, and maybe, you will find yourself among these pages lined with ink, and this way, maybe we, two complete strangers, might connect.

This is a golden thread that joins us through our pinky fingers, under the umbrella of life.

Please, treat it well.

About The Author

Aamna was merely 7 when she fell in love with literature and the English language as a whole. She read away most of her childhood and continues to do so in her teenage years. She is a keen observer, enthralled by how nature flourishes. Aamna is 15 and is currently studying O Levels in her home country, Pakistan. Reading and writing are more than a pastime, but a way of release, she finds a kindred spirit within the stark white pages lined with ink. This book is how she materializes her dreams and strives to make more in the future.

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