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Barmishal Ejaz

The Fragmented Wind

The Fragmented Wind

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Published June, 2023
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Total Pages 180
Language English
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Paper Quality Imported White Color Book Paper

About The Book

This is the author’s way of expressing her feelings. The poetry it holds was written when everything was going down and there was no hope of happiness in her life. Thus, she decided to gather the pieces of her downfall, stitch them into something as beautiful as this book, and make her failure a part of her success. Every word, every line, every stanza, and each part of this book holds so much in it. Reading it would be substantial for those who are frustrated and went through a lot. However, it gives a reflection of melancholy to those who are living their best lives so they can treat others right.

This book is a motivation for everyone to make their failures their success, their bad their good, and their futile attempts their worth. So when someone asks you about your success story, you can tell them that it all started from my failure, it all started when no one believed in me.

About The Author

An 18 years old girl carrying a heart of an 80-year-old. My life has been hard since I was a child. It’s no one’s fault but my own fate. I believe that this pain was a blessing for me. I learned to be patient, loving, and caring. I act immature but am more mature as compared to the other 18-year-old teens. I may be one of those children who had a different point of view on their childhood. My childhood was the best and worst at the same time Nothing much but this book is all about me. I started writing back in 2019 when I was sitting alone and had no one around who could comfort me except the pen and the paper. I found comfort in my thoughts being presented on the paper. And in life, when I realized that a few people other than me are going through the same kind of stuff, that was the time I thought of composing this piece of my heart that you are holding in your hand right now. Nothing more about me. In short, “ I am a despondent girl who wrote her heart out.”

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