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Huma Syed

The Naked Autumn

The Naked Autumn

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Published January, 2023
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Total Pages 276
Language English
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper

About The Book

The Naked Autumn is a series of emotions where vulnerabilitv is attended. Despite the defiance of the beloved, loneliness, unattainable longing, and the hunger that didn't seem to rest.

It's a poetic notion that you're not alone in what vou're feeling. You may have lost yourself to the gloom for a while but you will eventually find a way out. There's always someone out there who has had the taste of the same gloom that has left you so hopeless and weary. Even if that someone is the one addressing you right now.

When you're hurting you look for comfort and someone who rested their head on the same pillow in the past and grieved. You're always in need of a shoulder to rest vour head on and pour your heart out and be completely naked in what vou're feeling.

This compilation of prose is to attend to your nakedness.

About The Author

Huma Syed is a poet and a writer who wholeheartedly believes in serving the rawness of human emotions. The thing that keeps her going in life is the stories she finds in the quiet of people and gives them a loud meaning.

She made her debut with the poetry book 'The Naked Autumn' where she addressed different phases in the form of prose that lead someone towards vulnerability and have a better understanding of one's own emotions that eventually help in growth and transcendence.

She's fond of learning so when she's not writing she's usually getting acquainted with something new that's thrilling and appalling.

To get to know more about her head towards her instagram (@clvssicsmm).

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