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Rameeza Nasim

Whimsical Musings

Whimsical Musings

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Published February, 2024
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Total Pages 50
Language English
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper

About The Book

Whimsical Musings is the compilation of my poems, my labor of love, comprises of my  adulthood journey. My words be it love poems or inspirational ones all come right from the core of my heart. Nature through this poetic prowess has granted me wings of poesy which is an escape from all miseries and harsh realities of life.

About The Author

Rameeza Nasim is a creative writer by profession and a poetess by passion. She often find solace in her whimsical musings and Poetry is her Gift bestowed upon her by Nature. Nutured by a degree in English Literature and linguistics. She resides in Karachi.

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